[HELP] Skin Failsafe

In Trinitycore today, if you acquire an illegal skin, such as acquiring a Deathknight skin on a hunter, it immediately filters it to skin/face 00.

This goes for skin, face and haircolor and hair.

Is there any way to disable this skin failsafe?

I know for a fact that emulators during the Burning Crusade era didn’t have them.

Here is an example of the failsafe in action with a priest using DK eyes;

That is what the player with the skin sees.

This is what everyone else sees:

As you can see, everyone else sees face 00.

How do I disable this? I know for a fact it is serverside, as even 1.12 has it now, and it didn’t have it in the days of Wowemu.

How do you know that it’s server side and not a new client side restriction that blizzard added on some new patch?

Because 1.12.1 has i.

This worked back in 2.0.3, in Arcemu until they introduced the failsafe.

We do not do any filtering serverside for this - meaning client does it by itself.

Again: how do you know it’s not some client limitation added by blizzard for example on wow 3?

Because if it was, then said client limitation wouldn’t exist on versions that didn’t have said client limitation.

Wow 1.12.1 has it on Trinitycore servers, it didn’t have it on Wowemu servers.

The Sandboxes for 3.0 alpha doesn’t have it either.

Not to mention, returning data to the client about what you see is something the server does.

All sign points to this being a serverside limitation somewhere.

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