Help with DB

ok i need help,cause when i do request to mysql server like

INSERT INTO item_instance VALUES (‘$guidp’, ‘$id’, ‘$guid’, ‘0’, ‘0’, ‘$count’, ‘0’, NULL, ‘0’, ‘’, ‘0’, ‘$durability’, ‘0’, NULL)

INSERT INTO character_inventory VALUES ('$guid', '0', '$slot', '$guidp')
i give item to character, when i loginig in i see this item. But when i do relogin it disappears!

SO THE NEXT QUESTION IS: How to get guid for character or item rightly? (i get the last guid and + 5)


and sometimes strange item appers !!

use soap or ra to use the give item command…

can u translate SOAP and RA to me?)

ok if i use mail and send items to the mail , after relogin i will get totaly another items!!