Help with importing GO list (w/ patch, server dbc)

This is my first post on the site so hello!

I’m trying to use [Sql/Patch] All buildings, models, etc. as Gameobjects.

It’s an *.sql file with all models as go’s. It has a *.dbc in a patch.mpq for the wow folder and GameObjectDisplayInfo.dbc for the server folder.

I’ve tried several versions but they’re all dated and dont match sql table layouts. i was able to successfully import one version with no errors after some tweeking but in game when i spawn any object from the list it says invalid object display. I believe this is because i do not have the new GameObjectDisplayInfo.dbc in the server folder. When I try launching world.exe with the custom GameObjectDisplayInfo.dbc it gives off an error:

Initialize data stores…
Some required *.dbc files (1 from 111) not found or not compatible:
./dbc/GameObjectDisplayInfo.dbc exists, and has 21 field(s) (expected 19). Extracted file might be from wrong client version or a database-update has been forgotten. Search on forum for TCE00008 for more info.

The original file is 522kb vs 8,338kb Im assuming the extra 3 fields are extra columns? Ive searched the code “TCE00008” and it didnt turn anything helpful up.

Can I simply convert to *.csv and delete rows or is there a better solution?

I only used arcemu back in the day and kinda stayed away from *.dbc editing. When i decided to start modding again i went with trinitycore for the hotswapping system! kudos!

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