Help with usage of tool "DressNPCs"


I would like to use this tool:

It is created by someone who also works on TrinityCore.

Unfortunately I am not a CMake professional and I don’t understand the instructions on GitHub… He writes that no recompiling is necessary, but how do I merge his code with the core then? Right now I’ve only the authserver, worldserver and the SQL databases.

Maybe someone here already uses this tool and can explain me a bit in detail how to get the plugin working.


There is no need to be an expert at all. Infact you dont even use/create/modify any Cmake code.
You use cmake exactly like you do when compiling the core normally. That is, you start cmake and press configure and generate or on linux you just use the cmake command as instructed by the wiki.

You are mistaken. Here is what is actually said:

[ul][li]The outfits are created in the database, so no recompiling is required after installing the core modification.[/li]
To add the core modification to a clean TrinityCore you use exactly the commands described in the readme.


sorry for my late reply, but I have been busy writing exams in university…

After compiling with DressNPCs, I cannot start the server. He is expected MAPS v1.8 and apparently I am having version MAPS v1.3 (which works fine for normally TrinityCore and was compiled by myself not long time ago).

Heres a screenshot of the errors:


I assume you used the direct merge approach instead of the diff.
Merging will pull ALL changes from the repository. Your TC was older than the one in my repository, so your TC also got any updates I had in my repository.
This means that your TC was basically updated and since one of those updates updated the map extractors, you need to re extract them.

If you wish to keep on the old TC version you should use the diff installation instead.