Help! zone is giving me the error 132 and crashes client


I have made custom headquarters in the Aszhara area.

it took me manny hours to complete it and make everithing work for 4.0.6.

Now i went to 4.3.4.

when i teleport there its giving me the error 132 error and craches the game.

annyone knows how i can add the area again without craching the clients of my players ?

is there a way to add a map or something for it.

im hoopless and sad of the los of all my work there, think there are more then 300hours in it. /emoticons/default_sad.png

and im still hoping someone can give a solution for it.

this is the location
[17:56:50] Map: 37 (Azshara Crater) Zone: 268 (Azshara Crater) Area: 268 (Azshara Crater) Phase: 1
[17:56:50] X: 43.619999 Y: 1173.380005 Z: 367.343994 - [Teleport] Orientation: 0.075356
[17:56:50] grid[32,34]cell[0,1] InstanceID: 0
[17:56:50] ZoneX: 43.619999 ZoneY: 1173.380005
[17:56:50] GroundZ: 367.178925 FloorZ: 367.344086 Have height data (Map: 1 VMap: 1)

try extracting your maps again and replace with old ones

ill try thx

but only have to find out which map file it has to be