holiday events

do holiday events such as the lunar festaval or brewfest actually occur, or do i have to do something special to get them to happen?

They occur automatically, usually 2 weeks after the right calendar’s date.

They automatically occur, depending on your data form world.game_event

When did you test? We have corrected that info for 2011 in


other emulators (i wont name names) require you to activate them…

for some reason, Darkmoon faire doesn’t show up in Goldshire…But it does in Mulgore & Terrokar

FYI, if the “other emu” is the one I think it is, LOTS more of the holiday stuff works on trinity than that “other” one /emoticons/default_smile.png

I am also curious, does anyone know why Darkmoon doesn’t show up on the calendar anymore?

Because client reads the client dbc files (for the Calendar data) and Cata was released this year; there is some missing calendar data for 2011 (they only removed darkmoon, we don’t know why)

Oh, o.k. thanks

stupid question, if i were to change the date on my server to say…september 15…would i start a different holiday?

Yes, you would.

but, you can just use .event start ### to start the event you want to start.

Updated to last commit, LunarMoon Festival spawned 2 weeks and some hours later, as all the other events.

As I reported here: I don’t know if it’s only my problem.