Hosting my privet server on a remote rented server

Hello all,

I hope you can help me locate a guide that could help me with what I want to do.

I’m hosting a Trinitycore server locally on my machine and it is working fine, but now I want to move it/host it on one of those remote servers that you can rent (HostGator or GoDaddy web hosting for example), if that is doable I hope you can help me find a guide or even help me with what I should google in order to learn how to do it (I’ve been searching for a while but I had no luck with finding anything useful).

Thank you in advance.

A commong web hosting offer will not work here. The least you need is a virtual server (vServer or VPS) because you need full root and ssh access to compile and install several applications (as you know). The steps are mainly the same for local or remote installations. The only thing you should take care of is security on your public server. That’s no easy job for someone who’s not doing this all day long…

You can also buy very cheap dedicated servers at (its an OVH company)