How can i add teleport?

Hello guys i wanna learn how i can add teleports in my teleporter /emoticons/default_smile.png

Example: i want to add teleport “Mall” it teleport me to Durotar

PS: Explane it in details please /emoticons/default_tongue.png

Referring to .tele locations? If so, “.tele add ” will add your current location and orientation to the .tele list (game_tele table in the world database). If you are referring to a custom NPC that will teleport, you’ll likely need to edit the C++ script that it uses. We would need to know the code that is used in order to provide specifics on that option.

Asking about custom code in the help and support forum is wrong.

I Mean from Database how i can add Teleport “mall” in my teleporter npc

your teleporter NPC (we don’t even know which one you are using, because we are not psychic) is CUSTOM CODE, we don’t help with custom code in help and support.

We don’t help at all if this is a repack from some scuzzball repacker.

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This thread is not related to the official Trinity codebase and was moved to the Custom Code section.

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