How do I create Item Patches?

Before you guys redirect me to one of those patch making tutorials, I already done them. They don’t work at all, there isn’t any aa_item.dbc in world database except for item_template so I followed the tutorial and use item_template instead, made it delimited text just like the tutorial but I can’t convert the .csv when it’s delimited text to .dbc. OK… Maybe it will work if I just make it excel csv file, I try the conversion to .dbc and it works.I then use the MPQ editor, made a patch and create a folder called “DBFilesClient” just like what the tutorial said, put the .dbc file in and threw my patch into the data file, deleted cache, started server and started game… Next thing you know, the hearthstone has a question mark, my auto attack ability has a question mark and the custom item I added has a question mark. The only time when they don’t have a question mark is when they’re equipped and I can’t even use my Heroic Strike because I require a weapon equipped in my main hand and there is a weapon in my main hand.

Please help me.

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