How i can remove caster from spell effects?

Hi all have question. Not understand how i can remove caster from spell effects?

I have spell with 2 effects: eff0 eff1

I want eff0 work only on my party

eff1 only for me

i find somthing like this

if (m_spellInfo->Id == xxx)


but not help with spell - SPELL_EFFECT_APPLY_AREA_AURA_RAID

Maybe someone know another way? examples? ty

and shouldn’t. In case of SPELL_EFFECT_APPLY_AREA_AURA_RAID the caster is the source of aura, removing it from him somehow will remove aura from all raid members

better for you to said what are you planning to fix/modify? Maybe there already exists a patch

I hate the annoying orange so very much.

Ty guys, find solution.