How plus SpellClassMask ???

Hi guys, explain please how i can plus SpellClassMask for spells?

I need plus 00000000 00404745 2E600444 + 00000000 00008000 00000000

Thank you

Just curious if you are serious.

You want to mess around with spell class masks but you don’t know bitwise math?

You use OR…

Your mask would be: 00000000 0040C745 2E600444

– Brian

Thank you Brian. Yes, dont know, never work with this. Where i can read about? I try use google, but…

“If you are writing a patch and don’t understand a function / class / etc, then post here.” 8 ))

google bitwise math tutorial

As for learning, sure, glad to teach anyone that wants to learn.

– Brian

it’s very easy to plus a spellmasks. Some examples:

  1. 00000002 + 00000001 = 00000003

  2. 10000000 + 00000001 = 10000001

  3. 00000008 + 00000004 = 0000000C (12 = C in Hex)

Win7 have Programmer version of Calculator and there (in Hex mode) you can calculate all of them