How to 3.3.5 --> 6.x and current status

Hi guys, any hint how to update my private server from 3.3.5 to 6.x version without loosing anything?

I mean, i don’t think a simple recompile will make the Db update themselves and migrate everything. Right?

I’m also interested to know experienced you had with 6.x so far, is it stable, playable? 3.3.5 even with many bugs in dungeon, raid and quest is pretty complete, stable and awesome!

Hi you have to do the update you must backup the account table and figure who is in your database and replace your files with those of the 6xx that is to say the tables of the database and another DBC MAPS vmaps ... once its done you puts your two tables ( account and character) in your new database regarding stability I do not open myself his remains stable.

OK maybe i will try with a virtual machine in the next weeks. I just fear 6.x will be much more bugged compared to 3.3.5.

It is.