How to change the Arena Value Rate?

Gello guys, can some one tell me how can i change the arena value rate in core? In what file i need to go to change it?

I test this But this is for old realise and my core give me error.

If have a new value some where can some one tell me please, thank you.

Gello to you too…

Current Revision, just look at ArenaTeam

uint32 ArenaTeam::GetPoints(uint32 memberRating)

and next time, please ask in the Custom Code section. Help and Support is not the proper place.

Okay Sorry for this.

And i need to do this?

uint32 ArenaTeam::GetPoints(uint32 memberRating)
// Returns how many points would be awarded with this team type with this rating
float points;

uint32 rating = memberRating + 150 < Stats.Rating ? memberRating : Stats.Rating;

if (rating <= 1500)
    if (sWorld->getIntConfig(CONFIG_ARENA_SEASON_ID) < 6)
        points = (float)rating * 0.22f + 14.0f;
        points = 344;
    points = 1511.26f / (1.0f + 1639.28f * exp(-0.00412f * (float)rating));

// Type penalties for teams < 5v5
if (Type == ARENA_TEAM_2v2)
    points *= 0.76f;
else if (Type == ARENA_TEAM_3v3)
    points *= 0.88f;
  • points *= 10; // ← use your own value to modify arena points rates
return (uint32) points;


I got error with this.

Error[1[error C2106: ‘*=’ : left operand must be l-value[C:TrinitycoresrcservergameBattlegroundsArenaTeam.cpp[615[1[game

Error[2[error C2059: syntax error : ‘return’[C:TrinitycoresrcservergameBattlegroundsArenaTeam.cpp[618[1[game

Error[3[error LNK1181: cannot open input file ‘…gameReleasegame.lib’[C:BuildsrcserverworldserverLINK[worldserver

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I don’t get any errors. So try changing it to a floating value, since that is the definition of that variable.

Not sure why you are going that high anyways.

I rly wanna do it on x10 rate but i got the error when i compile the core. I dont know why.

Some one will help?

recorrect this :

points *= 10;

points *= 10f;