How to create a follower?

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I think i’m add a wrong title to the last topic, so the question:

I have some npc with mage, and warrior abilities. i want to create a follower for characters from them, who fight with the players (for example followers in diablo). I’m check the follower scripts is TC, but i don’t know how to add this to npc. Any idea?

creature_formations world table does something similar for NPCs. You could search (in the code) on how creature_formations is implemented and do something similar.

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I’m try to create something.

Playerbots and NPCbots sounds like what you want, playerbots has a spotty history of working and being updated, sporadically, but, NPCbots (which, at one time, was integrated with Playerbots) has been effectively killed off by changes in the way NPCs are handled in the core. They could probably be revived by someone who understands, or can figure out, how NPCs work, but, no one has stepped up, yet. If you search the forums, you should be able to find the last update for Playerbots, and start updating it to work on more recent revisions, if you are any good at coding.

Player and NPC bots. That’ll give you a good base. The person who maintains the repo is only working on the NPC bots portion, but with a little work, you can get the playerbots working as well.

Thx. I’m check this wonderful project /emoticons/default_smile.png

Really nice work.

any progress? The patch I downloaded didn’t work…