How to dissabled MMAPS in TOC 5man

So i got TOC5 man fixed and i want to know how to use disable mmaps in that area. i tried using the disable table in DB but i don’t know how to disable it. i know sourcetype is 7 but idk what to enter in other coulombs /emoticons/default_sad.png

can anyone please help me ?

DELETE FROM `disables` WHERE `sourceType`=7 AND `entry`=650; INSERT INTO `disables` (`sourceType`, `entry`, `flags`, `params_0`, `params_1`, `comment`) VALUES (7, 650, 0, '', '', 'MMAPS - Trial of the Champion');

Thank you sooooooo much /emoticons/default_smile.png +1

are the other maps, like TOC, where it makes sense to disable MMaps?

you talking to me /emoticons/default_biggrin.png ?