How to enable ant-cheat/fly

Hello, I want to know how to enable Anti-Cheat/Fly System or if someone have script for that would be great ^^

Trinitycore is enabled with a Warden by default in the Worldserver.config

Just change 0 to 1.

#    Warden.Enabled
#        Description: Enable Warden anticheat system.
#        Default:     0 - (Disabled)
#                     1 - (Enabled)

Warden.Enabled = 0

That seems too complicated, could you make it easier with some kind of python or ruby script?


That doesn’t enable it.

I have it enabled right now and I’m using hack and nothing is happening.

OR it’s enabled but doesn’t work like the old anticheat did.

nothing will happen if you did not set it up in the config, check the warden log, I bet it’s logged in there.

Learn to check the config next time.

It IS set up… the warden log is empty, and the console log shows nothing.