How to install the Trinity databases?

The wiki says:

[ul][li]Import the content of (master branch) or (3.3.5a branch) with your favorite mysql client with root account before starting core.[/li]
But it doesn’t say how to do that.

Can someone please provide the instructions on how to do that for the master branch?

The answer is…

with your favorite mysql client

That depends on the client you are using. If you use the command interface you can import into mysql with:

“source …/destination/path/to_create_mysql.sql”

If you are using Windows and use a client like Workbench or Heidisql, then you can do a file extension association match by .sql

I’m on a Mac and followed the instructions on the wiki. What client would I have?

I’m confused. Does that mean I have to install a MySQL client to work on Trinity? The instructions don’t mention that.

Mac and Linux requirements and installation are honestly a bit for the more experienced. Knowing how to handle the mysql/aria databases, modifying configuration files…
However, Most of the “details” of what tools you need are in Windows (the majority of TC Users)

Please don’t take this personal… (I’m not trying to sound like a dick!) In your case you are “learning” on a Mac with very low experience on the “details” of what you need to continue forward.

So… I’m here to help. :slight_smile:

Read what you would need for Windows. (I know you are using a Mac) but take into consideration your lack of experience.
Read through and get an understanding of the tools you will need for your Mac environment.
Then, I recommend you read through Linux to get understanding of more of the “Mac” environment. Since, Mac is a gui Linux.

You don’t need to be an expert, but people are expected to know how to perform certain abilities like inserting sql files into a database. Starting and Stoping the binaries when they are built… etc…

Also, like I mentioned you could just use the command cli (client) to talk to the mysql server on your mac. But, even I occasionally find an easier approach to use a quick gui to perform quick mysql commands.

Thanks, I’m following the Linux instructions and they are easy to translate to Mac. I’m already extracting the DBC, vmaps, and so on.

Hopefully I can get this running and update the wiki after.

@CDawg: installing the databases!!! Didn’t need a MySQL client. The CLI was enough. I got confused because the instructions say to ‘import’ the content from github but in reality you just need to run the SQL commands to create the user and the databases. Thanks for the help!!!

@CDawg: first fix: :smiley: