How to install using pre-compiled packages - WINDOWS

Windows precompile TC for master didn’t work! Does anyone knows another source for precompile?

What did not work? What errors? Any log?


Is this mysql version error? DatabaseWorkerPool FATAL ERROR . Wiki says don’t use 5.7.x so i use 5.5.19

But first, when i extracted it has many files. The wiki says it needs only selected files but this one has many?? No log was generated, i also checked logging in config files.


I find the forum for , replace dlls with my library n still doesn’t work! :frowning:

I assume the precompile uses v5.7.x so… is this cannot be fix? :smiley:

You need to use the MySQL DLL for 5.7.12. I’m not sure why the wiki says not to use 5.7… that version works fine.

Looks like a great time saver! So when I click the second link(I’m assuming for DB?) Apparently it failed to compile the last round? Is there a way to retrieve the last successful compile?

@Wronglebowski pick a working build from and then go to Artifacts