How to modify specific buffs/debuffs?

I’ve been trying to learn more about how item On Equip: effects work. There is an item Adonisus, Reaper of Souls which when equipped applies this spell This spell appears on the player as a debuff, it applies 3 auras on the player: Apply Aura: Mod Ranged Attack Power, Apply Aura: Mod Melee Attack Power, Apply Aura: Mod Period Damage %. Unfortunately after searching the SQL database, I could not find that spell ID.

This led me to do some more research and I started learning about DBC files and also learned that this forum doesn’t support editing the DBC. I suppose my question is:

[ol][li]Am I searching for this spell in the right place? [/li] [li]Is it actually contained within the spell.dbc file and if it is, is there a proper way to modify this debuff or any debuff/buff for that matter without modifying the DBC? [/li] [li]What should my steps be when I can’t find a spellID in the SQL database?[/li] [li]Would it be easier to create a new spell ID in the SQL database, then just replace the reference to the old one?[/li][/ol]

I havent exactly edited spells through DB nor do I know how to use spell_dbc table properly, but you can possibly use that.

See the wiki, try and see. (add a new row for your spell)

Spells are not in the database normally, just missing or the ones that need altering are. (either or both)

There is also spellmgr.cpp which has a lot of spell modifications coded in it.

You can alter the loaded data from DBC in it, so its basically the same as editing DBC.