how to recover deleted items from the characters?

Hi everybody, as I can retrieve items deleted by the players.

I want to use a gossip npc (CreatureScript) and that I can talk to the players for their items removed is returned, ie characteristics t.odas (charms, jewelry).

Is that possible?

amm … store them in new table in db and get them in case they want it back .
cause the core delete the item from the db so you need make backup for them before the delete.

ie I have to create a copy of the table item_instance?

I am new to this topic of trinity core kernel, I have skill in basic database and in c ++

You cant restore deleted items since this kind of stuff is not logged anywhere. Now you have 2 ways, in my view:

  • create cpp based solution to log items when they are deleted;

  • create mysql based solution with trigger BEFORE DELETE.

1st way can use file/db to log, 2nd - only db – its your choice.