How to search for a specific NPC

Hello, the mob Nerub’ar Broodkeeper ( in ICC does not attack players and does not respond to attacks. I tried searching for him in the SQL folder but I could not find him. Thanks for the help!

You didn’t even ask a question!

But if you are trying to find him:

For template info:

SELECT * FROM creature_template WHERE entry=36725;

For Spawn Info:

SELECT * FROM creature WHERE id=36725;

sorry im a noob at this, what do i with this then (SELECT * FROM creature_template WHERE entry=36725;)? How can i edit the flags of the npc etc

SQL folder != SQL database :wink:

you program to work with the database - like sqylog, phpmyadmin

ahhhhhhhhh now i get it. i was thinking it had something to do with that /emoticons/default_biggrin.png thanks a lot mate /emoticons/default_smile.png