How To Teach Creature A Passive Spell?

For example if i learn [shadow pulse], it appears in spellbook as passive spell and it triggers another spell every few seconds.

Is there any way to attach this passive spell to creature?

That’s a cataclysm spell…

And why would you want to ‘teach’ it a passive spell anyway? So it’s casting it? Because if yes, use SAI.

Passive spell cannot be cast. When you learn it with .learn, for example, character starts to automatically use triggered spell every n seconds.

And triggered spell, if u learn it, somehow cannot be casted manually - it works only when triggered by passive.

Use the aura field in creature_(template_)addon

Thank you! By the way, that didnt work first but i’ve googled some discussion where someone pointed another guy to not to forget to add magic zero after aura id. And wooohoo! It works now!


That “magic zero” (that is the effect id of the spell) was removed one or two months ago, in what revision are you on?

Its skyfire with cata… I’m extremely newbie to all this wow-emulator-development and was told that codebase

is much the same from mangos and so general questions are better to be asked here due to high expertise grade of trinity community.

Sorry for this inconvenience.

Better you ask on their forums.

Why are you asking questions here if you are using a different emu?

Seriously… I will stop helping.