How to tell what version client to use.

How do you tell what version client I need to use with the latest trinitycore.

I have followed the linux guide in the wiki to setup a server. It seems everything has worked as it should up to the point of extracting the maps.

I did not compile the maps but I followed the link to download the extractor tools for a windows machine. After running the tools I do get dbc folder with files in it but the maps folder has no files. My client version is 4.0.6. I do understand that is probably the problem and I think I need to revert back to 3.3.5a.

Well how do I tell what version client is supported by the current Trinity Core? That is really my only question.

On top of that I read a post about updating to 4.x and understand trinity will probably never support anything higher then 3.3.5a. Is that true? Is all development now just to eliminate bugs so that we have a perfect working 3.3.5a server and client?

Dose anyone have a link to the new core the Trinity Devs have been working on for 4.x?

You do need client version 3.3.5a (Build 12340) and there’s no link for 4.x

TrinityCore will never be updated to 4.x.x.

Therefore, there are 2 main projects going on by Tinity Devs… but none of them have a working core still. So, you can stick to 3.3.5 and follow any of those projects or go look somewhere else.