Hunter pets

was wondering is there a way to control the size of a pet once tamed… was wondering if a certain file could be edited to maintain a decent scale size if anyone has any idea please let me know thanx in advance

I removed the scaling all together…

bool Guardian::InitStatsForLevel(uint8 petlevel)

[CODE] CreatureFamilyEntry const* cFamily = sCreatureFamilyStore.LookupEntry(cinfo->family);

/* if (cFamily && cFamily->minScale > 0.0f && petType == HUNTER_PET)


    float scale;

    if (getLevel() >= cFamily->maxScaleLevel)

        scale = cFamily->maxScale;

    else if (getLevel() <= cFamily->minScaleLevel)

        scale = cFamily->minScale;


        scale = cFamily->minScale + float(getLevel() - cFamily->minScaleLevel) / cFamily->maxScaleLevel * (cFamily->maxScale - cFamily->minScale);




Hey i just recently made the switch from arcemu to trinity so adding custom scripts and stuff is very knew to me, i know about patches and such a little but how would i add this code to my server?

You don’t need to add that code, it’s already there: Pet.cpp line 863

maybe pet scaling could be made a conf option?

Even better, make it so users can decide which way they want it.

Hallo, i`m not at home so i just give informations based on my bad memory. there is a dbc called something like creature family. it lists all possible pet familys like corehound, wolve, … the entries are: scale, at level , scale at level . 4 example: scale of 0,5 at level 1 to scale of 1,0 at level 70. the level and the scale can be changed. found this by pure luck^^ first dbc opened was the right

Yes, that’s what the core is currently using.