I do not know how and what to do please help

[COLOR=rgb(33,33,33)]Hi, I have problems with making the server can somehow help me ? Please contact us via the forum or teamspeak3 178,217,188,134 please help xD thanks

This is not a support company. There is no “contact us” or “do X for us”. If you have a specific problem, ask in these forums and someone might help.

There’s a bunch of information on the wiki on how to build a server and if you use chrome you can translate the page to your language if English is not your native language if you intend to run a server to learn how it works, Try here. That is a great place to get a start on how things work.
If you are trying to get a server build so you can host a private server for personal gain you are @ the wrong place as Trinitycore does not support private servers nor repacks.
If after you have reviewed the wiki and are stuck try posting a topic on where you are stuck. The core has never been easier for a setup. As long as you follow the directions