It makes things sooo much easier man , i seriously hope the one who though about this idea gets a million dollars !

I seriously hope that all scripts in c++ will be removed and placed in the database , that would be the best.

The Good things about switching all scripts into smart scripts :

1- no more crashing because of c++ errors , simply sql mistakes that would require adjustments , if a script caused a crash , then core would simply ignore that sql.

2- no more recompile , recopy , restart

3- no more waiting for things or scripts to be added by developers , you can make your own 100% blizzlike encounter because you know the entire layout of the system.

a lot more then this , but i can only thing off atm /emoticons/default_biggrin.png

Not all C++ Scrtipts can be converted, but those that can should be. Ill lay odds that 95% of all Boss Scripts cant be.

how so , if as they say smart_scripts unlimited unlike eventAI ?

i would love it if SmartAI page in wiki had more information like EventAI page

SAI. I did the bitching. Rat did the programming /emoticons/default_smile.png

Rat still needs to do programming, you stopped bitching.

Are you feeling ok Malcrom? /emoticons/default_smile.png

I’m feeling awesome /emoticons/default_smile.png

I belive that a major part of vanilla bosses can be done with SAI scripting. The more you script with SAI (combined with our lovley condition system) - the more you get amazed by its capabilities.

Yes, SAI is very capable.

Quite True, i was referring to WoTLK bosses when i said not all can be SAI scripted.

I did the rest.

i would love it if SmartAI page in wiki had more information like EventAI page

In concept, they aren’t much different, you can use both guides.

And yes, I do agree that some core scripts can be -easily- changed to SAI and/or script commands.

What do you mean, “you did the rest”?

I think he is refering to http://www.trinitycore.org/w/Smart_scripts_tc2

Ah, yes. Good show /emoticons/default_smile.png

IMO I’d say no. I have got pretty good with c++ scripting, and I just have checked what the Smart Scripts are like. I didn’t like them. Well I personally never liked EAI scripting either.

EAI / Smart Scripts could be useful to script a creature to cast only fireball for example. And C++ scripts works for boss encounters. But what trinitycore should have is LuaHypArc. I just love that. And you don’t have to restart your realm if you applied a fix to your Lua script.

Pretty long post, yeah, but I wanted to make it all clear :]

The best regards,


Lua is a noob’s tool , I MUST HAVE IT !

Xees, not really. You can do miracles with Lua if you are advanced user. And besides I would pick Lua over Smart Script / EAI. But as Trinitycore does not want to ‘‘copy’’ Arcemu’s Lua engine this won’t happen.

EAI was designed for combatAI, nothing more. SmartAI can do combatAI with the ability to call OOC sequential scripts and control waypoint movement. I have already done a few scripts with SAI that I could have never done with EAI.

Also SAI is not yet complete. You will be able to do more in the future.

LUA script is a lame duck. It isn’t powerful enough for really complex encounters and it is overkill for basic scripting (well, it may not be overkill, but it is for our purposes since we already have SAI).

– Brian

As the wisest of the wise once said : " All you have to do is decide what to do with the time that is given to you ! ".

100 lines of lua vs 10 lines of sql ?

i choose sql