import into spell_custom get wrong spells on start

hi all

i try to import so i can play all class all race.

but i don’t know whats wrong. cuz now every class are messed up. i start whit spells i should not like mage whit battle stance, and much more. anyone know whats wrong?

and 2nd problem.’

WHY can’t i update old databases?? that tatoly IMPOSEABLE TO DO!!!

cuz i try to do it whit “TDB_full_335.50_2013_01_14” but it does not work i get newEvent error. i try to update my really old db from my “9K serie core” don’t work. i diden’t thout that this was so bad so you can’t use to updates files its kinda funny. but it SUCKS cuz on the older database then this works whit out a problem.

why are this core cahngeing so much so it forces ppl to use old versions on it?

for example:

player bots i need to use a core thats like olver 3 years old.

all race all class i need to use a core thats like ½ year old.

i want to use the newst core but i can’t cuz it don’t work, anyone that can help me?

whats the big changes that are so good thats are so need to mess everything it. keep importving but let the code way be like it are. for example like Mangos have it. they are improving there cores but they keep there code in one way and don’t chage how its coded. i use the 1.12.1 version of it. but i want to make a trinity 3.3.5 cuz thats the best cpre out. but yea.

add me on skype if you can help me: qvika_gilla

How about, fuck you.

you go and read all the stickies, and stop shitting on the forums, and, maybe someone would be willing to help you.

sorry then. but that still diden’t help me fix my problem.

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This thread is not related to the official Trinity codebase and was moved to the Custom Code section.

Please read the stickies next time.

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