Importing Full DBC's into TC2 SQL

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I would approve of something like this /emoticons/default_smile.png

  1. why would you put all the DBC info into SQL, if the game used DBC unless overwritten by the SQL?

(if the DBC and SQL match, then you replace Source by Source, eating time, memory and is just a waste of recourses?)

  1. no its not related to "we dont touch DBC files, its plainly related to wasting recources, the TC2_SQL table is OVERWRITING the DBC values, so copying all the DBC values to the SQL makes no sense whatsoever

I understand your point, however pulling all the dbc files into the sql would help when upgrading client cores, example moving to 4.0.6 or 4.1.0.

Tho, with that said it may be a better idea to design a content creator…

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In catalogus same systemen holds. As long as you have the “correct” dbc (or hacked dbc).then server will load it from dbc provided. Other option is only adding then cata entries. But imo that isnt easier

So it would be better to develop a server dbc editor, More advanced then the ones currently out there?

If that would make it better / faster to modify things for testing then that’s what i can do /emoticons/default_smile.png


As far as I know ediding dbc is illegal. But if you want learn dbc structure you can check this wiki site

I hope I didnt break any rules.

It’s funny that people use the term “Illegal”. for these reasons.

Circumventing the operation of the software in any way is against the EULA that everyone clicks I accept in order to even open the wow client.

The MySQL overwrites valuses in the dbc on the fly aka. streaming the data. So in essance you are modifing the dbc files.

The extractor.exe you need to run so that your server has the dbc files to run must also unzip the MoPaq archive, and that is © blizzard.

Let’s face is and not run away from the fact that we are all hacking and breaking the EULA.

With that said. Most of us feel that we bought the software so we should be able to develop things we like with it. Not for sale or any form of proffit mind you. but to experiment and learn.

Blizzard has never really cracked down too hard on any one that is not making a proffit off their work, as a matter of fact , most of the origional dev for mangos and others was leaked programming from blizzard and hackers who just wanted to see how it works.

If you are concerned with legality then I would suggest that the sysop and others actually write an MMO from scratch and dev that.

I can say this because I have many MUDS under my belt with origional code and other MUDS that I’ve assisted on like DiKuMUD and CircleMUD.

Anyway, thanks for the link /emoticons/default_smile.png and I allready have most of the dbc structures /emoticons/default_smile.png


  1. there is a difference between illigal and illigal

  2. by overwriting it via SQL your NOT modifying the DBCs your modifying your handling of the dbc /emoticons/default_tongue.png

  3. copyright infrigement for educational purposes is always allowed afaik, in that way your just not allowed to share it and always have to refer to the original owners etc etc etc

the TOA and EULA dont change shit for that

There was never any leaked code from blizzard (unless you count the few times they accidentally released a debug exe, instead of release, allowing a bit more info to be pulled directly from the client) all work on mangos came from a previous project (same project ascent came from) that was created using the same kind of reverse engineering and sniffing that we use now (but, not necessarily as high tech as we do now) as well as a lot of hacky code that “made it work” which we try to avoid as much as possible now.