Importing old Database


I just prepared TrinityCore server on Debian 9, ex. 3.3.5a, it’s finally running and I wonder if there is a way to manually import few of my old tables to the newest revision.

Revision from old repack: TrinityCore rev. 02d7df6aa435 2016-04-20

When I checked creatur_template for example… I noticed two differences there:

  1. Inhabit Type column has been removed

  2. spell_school_immune_mask column has been added

Is there a way to export it to an excel where I can remove and add appropiate columns, so it will be compatible? I did not find such options only classic .sql export, which would take forever to manually change it.

Best Regards

This sounds like it would be pretty easy to do in sql. Just use alter table to add the column you’re missing – no need to delete anything. Then import without dropping the table, skipping duplicates. I think it would be harder to do in a spreadsheet.

If you’re going from a repack to the official version, I’d hesitate to change any of the tables too much though. It kind of defeats the purpose.

an other possibble solution would be to apply all missing updates, you need to find all sql updates made since TrinityCore rev. 02d7df6aa435 2016-04-20

the old sql updates you will find here:  [](  
the newer here; []( 

you yust need to concat all update sql files for your world / characters and auth db via batch / script then you can simply apply the update (if your repack had no breaking structure changes)
this way youre able to keep all your data and you will get all missing fixes from TC over time

That should work. Thank you both!