Increase Quest Log Size

Has anyone had any tried to increase maximum number of quests stored in the quest log?

  • Yes, I searched the forums, mangos forums as well.

  • Yes, I googled

I’ve found no interest in increasing the quest log size. I can’t be the only one can I ?



I’ve increased the value to 75. In game the behaviour is as follows:

  1. NPC will grant quest.

  2. The 25th quest and above are valid, but will not appear in the client. It’s a blackhole.

  3. Such a black hole quest is still valid, objectives are doable and can be turned in.

  4. Black hole quests show up in the characters database.

  5. Once a black hole quest always a black hole quest. It will not show up on the client quest log even if the number of quests drop lower than the max.

  6. Client quest log does not display modified MAX_QUEST_LOG_SIZE, it seems to be set at 25.

Example: Start new character, accept 28 quests, complete 25 quests. Result: Client quest log shows 0 active quests. Server recognizes 3 active quests.


  1. Does this change require a client change? If yes, I know that’s not allowed and give up. I’m not interested in a modified client.

  2. If this can be fully done on the server, does anyone where I can find example code?

  3. Does anyone have any tips what I should look for to make this work?

Client side restriction, I believe you can’t have more than 25 quests without modifying the client

In retail it have happened to me. I had 25 quest and when i have talk the an npc who give an auto-quest it was 26/25 in quest log but the “26/25” was in red. That’s its on 4.x client.

Yeah, I was starting to wonder if it was a client restriction. I think Blizzard essentially wrote parts of the client interface as sanctioned addons, one of which include the client side quest helper. I thought about seeing if using an addon like Carbonite acted differently, but haven’t got around to it yet.

In the meantime I set the original value back to 25. I’ll fool around with it when I get some more time.

Thanks for the response.

The only way you could do that is to use or write an addon that queries the database for a list of active quests.

The addon EveryQuest has a button to list completed quests by querying the server, not sure if it also lists active ones but you could adapt the code to do what you want.

Quests statuses and ids are stored in updatefields, as of 3.3.5a, the client limit for quests ( and quest related updatefields ) is 25.


The addon method queries the server directly so it would simply return a list of quests that aren’t completed and feed it into a UI element. The OP would need to create a handler to respond to the request from the addon.