Inkeepers Gossip texts

Hello there,

Seeking a way as I transposes the English texts into German.

E.g. when I stand in Dalaran when innkeeper tells me Uda the Beast “I’d like to browse your goods.” “This is also in” ScriptedGossip.h "

under #define GOSSIP_TEXT_BROWSE_GOODS “I’d like to browse your goods.”

as well as for example, when Arthas in “culling_of_stratholme.cpp” “#define GOSSIP_ITEM_ARTHAS_0” I’m ready to start culling of Stratholme. “”.

Is there a possibility that he reads out from the MySQL database without the step to make, having to change everything?


Try using this:

It allows adding an option from the gossip_menu_option table, meaning it will most likely also use the gossip locales from the locale table.

genion19: I think you should report that issue at (be detailed!)

The texts shouldn’t be hardcoded in the code.


Thanks, i report it later to this link.