Installation manual is failing on database

Hi all,

I’m currently busy on installing an initial copy of TrinityCore for the very first time. I found it somewhat disturbing to find out after compiling that I should have used the switch -DTOOLS=1 during the cmake to have mapextracter’s that were needed for the dmaps and vmaps.

But when I finally think I have everything on the road and want to start authserver for the very first time. I can’t start this.

In the manual (both windows and linux) it’s mentioned that I should download the full db file and only the latest. But I clearly miss tables, as the latest full db file at unpack states that I only need the TDB file (for world) when installing the first time. The auth and characters files are emtpy, or patching up existing tables that I don’t have.

Or it should be mentioned that you should execute an empty structure, or the tables should be created with the initial files.



There are 4 files in TDB_full_335.49_2012_09_16.rar and it says that you only need TDB_full_335.49_2012_09_16.sql from those 4 for new installs. How is it wrong?

Characters is in /sql/base/characters_database.sql and auth is in /sql/base/auth_database.sql

And you need to apply /sql/updates/world on top of the base world db (you can use a batch command like “copy /a world*.sql world_updates.sql” to merge all the little .sql files in the world folder)

Found out the problem;

The manual should mention you can find the auth and characters scripts in the git-repo;


It’s wrong since the linux-manual doesn’t state the auth and the characters-sql files can be found within the allready downloaded source. It states they should be in the downloaded full-package.

Quote from the wiki:

[li]Create the three databases by importing C:Trinitysqlcreatecreate_mysql.sql. You now have three databases - auth, characters, and world. You may need to refresh your program in order to see the new databases.[/li]

[li]Click on the “auth” database and import the auth database structure by importing C:Trinitysqlbaseauth_database.sql.[/li]

[li]Click on the “characters” database and import the characters database structure by importing C:Trinitysqlbasecharacter_database.sql.[/li]

It does refer to sqlbase for auth and character DBs

Under linux c:Trinity does not exist. And it’s not clear this is not already downloaded content that came from the full package when working on an windows workstation. It’s unclear.

I agree with last point. I think we should re-write the 3 how-tos (win/linux/mac). It’s a bit tough and I think it could be way lighter.

About that C:Trinity, it happens because DB section is shared by the 3 how-tos (since they are so similar)

Okay I am having similar issues with this manual. I am installing via linux. I used the create sql file to setup my dbs. I then imported the sql files from /home/wow/TrinityCore/sql/base/ two files in there auth and characters. Now the pack that I downloaded has this date on it. TDB_full_335.52_2013_07_17. That means it is 7/17/2013. I applied the TDB_full_335.52_2013_07_17.sql to my world db. to do all of this I do mysql -p dbname < sqlfile.sql this works fine.

Question 1: Here is where I am confused. Should I be doing ANYTHING with the auth and char files that come in the TDB_full_335.52_2013_07_17.7z? If so, should they be applied before or after the ones in the Trinity Folder?

Questoin 2: Should I be applying updates since there are updates in the SQL folder that are past the “FULL” version? 2013_10_13_01_world … is the latest one in there.

Question 3: If I try to apply ANY of the updates for Auth I always get something like this: ERROR 1146 (42S02) at line 23: Table ‘auth.rbac_role_permissions’ doesn’t exist. How do I get resolve that?

my last question has to do with a custom script so it may need to be taken else where.

Question 4: When I try to apply the sql updates for my custom script, TrinityBots, I get similar issues as question 3.

mysql> show tables;
| Tables_in_auth |
| account |
| account_access |
| account_banned |
| autobroadcast |
| ip2nation |
| ip2nationCountries |
| ip_banned |
| logs |
| rbac_account_permissions |
| rbac_default_permissions |
| rbac_linked_permissions |
| rbac_permissions |
| realmcharacters |
| realmlist |
| uptime |
15 rows in set (0.00 sec)


Edit: Pasted copy of auth show tables. 2. clarity.

I have also noticed that the auth file in TrinityCore/sql/base/ was a dump completed on – Dump completed on 2013-09-10 23:18:53 . there are updates for this file since this was created 2013_09_29_00_auth_misc.sql. correct?

– Dump completed on 2013-02-04 16:22:06 this is the characters file dump in the base folder. looks like it is from 2/4/13 and there is one update since then. 2013_07_19_00_characters_corpse.sql

Okay I think I finally got myself through the confusion. I did some tails on all the files and compared dates and times and hopefully I have it up to snuff. everything is running without errors so far. sometimes I guess I just need to ask for help for the answer to fall in my lap.