[INVALID]Auth server Error

So when I load the Auth Server here is what comes up

Using configuration file authserver.conf.
OpenSSL 1.0.1c 10 May 2012 (Library: OpenSSL 1.0.1c 10 May 2012)
Opening DatabasePool ‘auth’. Asynchronous connections: 1, synchronous connections: 1.
Could not connect to MySQL database at Can’t connect to MySQL server on ‘’ (10060)

I’m trying to play with Hamachi with my friend but it isn’t working and i’m wondering what needs to be done to fix this problem?

Edit: I changed ALL of the possible IP’s into the

Try using for the db IP’s in worldserver.conf if its all installed on the same machine. Also make sure BindIP still

the DB as in Navicat?

autherserver.conf needs to be edited.

Line 185

LoginDatabaseInfo = “;3306;dbuser;dbpass”

and Line 63 should remain

BindIP = “”

unless you have some special configuration where your core and db are on separate machines or VMs

mysql only allows local connections, unless you specifically enable remote connections for specific ip’s

that just made it crash instantly

I’m assuming you are using windows.

whats the logs say? you may need to change line 226 to

	Updates.AutoSetup = 1

and 218 to 1, if not already

	Updates.EnableDatabases = 1

im not sure where to access the logs

I also dont have either of those things in my authserver.conf



Description: Logs directory setting.

Important: LogsDir needs to be quoted, as the string might contain space characters.

Logs directory must exists, or log file creation will be disabled.

Default: “” - (Log files will be stored in the current path)

LogsDir = "../logs"

are you using a repack?

yes im using a Repack

well I can tell you this, it’s probably killing the authserver because the database tables aren’t set up. Your authserver.conf doesn’t contain the previous settings I mentioned, because it is an older version of the core. I would suggest checking where the LogsDir is set to, you should find a file named Auth.log there to give you a better explanation of why the server is exiting.

as far as the db goes, i think you’ll have to manually import the sql db creation file, which i believe is called create_mysql.sql (dont forget to modify the user and password for every query in the file before importing it).

Tough to know what is changed in a repack.

well i was playing on it solo earlier and have only changed the ips so nothing should be wrong

the repack im using is “Jeutie’s Blizzlike Repack”

well if you had it running before, i would say change the configuration back to how you had it running, and then the only thing you should need to change is in the auth database, in the realmlist table in the address column of the row your server is on, change that to your hamachi ip, leave the local ip alone. that you do in navicat. you also may need to play with your client realmlist.wtf and change it to your hamachi ip on both yours and your friends client.

I reverted everything back to normal and nothing is working the auth server just crashes instantly

When you say you put everything back, did you keep a copy of the files exactly as they were originally? You might try comparing your configuration with the stock files on the github site to see if anything else changed. Are you sure your database server is running? Can you use the mysql command line tool or the windows equivalent to look at the tables?

I had a problem a lot like this recently, with authserver unable to connect. It turned out to be because I edited the mysql.cnf file to disable sql networking on the advice of a security guide. Needless to say, that didn’t work out. However, if there’s a firewall blocking your loopback connection, that would probably look the same. (Or if the sql server crashed at some point.)

what happens if you try right clicking authserver.exe and run as administrator?

i have uninstalled and reinstalled the Repack and im going to try editting only a few things now.