[INVALID]Griffins and Utgard


First of all thank you, as I was searching for a game to play for my daughter on my local network and WoW matched all her requirement in exploration

So I found a repack version of your core and it is working very fine. (a 3.3 5a WOTLK at ownedcore)

I have a question as I was willing to show her a griffin ride between villages but it is only a teleport on the version I found.
- Is it possible to enable it (long rides between villages) ?

When testing the game in GM mode after that,
I found a weird bug as I entered Utgard pinnacle in GM mode, I exited as I was willing to test it in normal mode, but when I entered again I was still attacked by some corpses from the monsters I previously Killed in GM that follow me slowly very creepily on the ground (dead but not that much… ).
- So I was searching for the GM command to reset a specific instance to verify if it is a one time thing or a bug

Thank you again for your wonderful work


— Canned message start —
Trinity does not support repacks.
Please learn to compile and configure the source yourself, you will learn more and may even find that the error doesnt exist in vanilla TC.
Please refer to the author of the repack for your questions if you continue to use said repack.
— Canned message end —