Is available a developer documentation ?...

Hi guys =)… First thnks for this great project …

I’m using trinity core aprox 6 months , and now I interested to develop in C++, some patches, bosses, improve scripts etc etc and submit it to the project… but I have a problem: A developer documentation dont exist practically, about constants, functions, the most close documentation that i found is : and looks old ^^…

I reading thread about mainlines to develop in standard with TrinityCore Project : http://www.trinityco…ping-standards/

And I’m reading this thread too : http://www.trinityco…lvermoon-harry/ to get an idea about how to develop a patch or solution…

and is other link http://www.trinityco…to:CustomScript

I readed lord Marrogar script (looks very nice) to get a idea too…

So, Which steps I should follow to begin develop on TrinityCore? Which documentation is recommended =)?.. I have the developer environment ready to action

Thnks in advance.

P.D. sorry for my English, is not my native language ^^

thanks i’ve been looking for a reference for a while too

That’s pretty much about it.

Reference and documentation :

  1. Wiki

  2. The sourcecode, especially *.h files and all scripting files /emoticons/default_smile.png

Those are enough /emoticons/default_smile.png

IDE’s intellisense can help greatly