Is debian 9 installation work under debian 8


I saw on the tutorial that the debian version is 9 but I remember that before it was 8, and because I’m still under debian 8 I would like to know if the installation of debian 9 work for debian 8

I mean :

	apt-get install git clang cmake make gcc g++ libmariadbclient-dev libssl1.0-dev libbz2-dev libreadline-dev libncurses-dev libboost-all-dev mysql-server p7zip

update-alternatives --install /usr/bin/cc cc /usr/bin/clang 100
update-alternatives --install /usr/bin/c++ c++ /usr/bin/clang 100

because last time I do that it seems to be wrong, so if you could enlight me, thanks!

As stated in their wiki ( Debian 8 is not supported anymore. You could upgrade your current installation to Debian 9.

Ok thanks I will check to upgrade from my current debian 8 :slight_smile:

(But I don’t see the reason why it’s not supported anymore, do you know the reason?)

c++14. (we warned MONTHS before release and make definitively unsupported MONTHS after release)

Ok my bad :huh:

It’s just that I get a error message about cmake 3.0.2 who must been in 3.2.0 at least

If you upgrade to debian 9 from 8, be aware there are some serious issues with Mysql. Your old mysql from debian 8 definitely will not work. What I suggest you do is install something like virtualbox and create a virtual machine and install debian 9 on it and install trinitycore server there. Trying to work around what is already installed on your debian system is a pain.


I updated my server from debian 7 to 8 and from 8 to 9 without any problem.

The only issue i ran into was when it updated to MariaDB i needed to add default-libmysqlclient-dev from synaptic.