Is It Possible To Find Creature/boss Related Spells From Dbc?

Well, same as the title says, couldn’t find any info about it with search, I bet there is such topic, but just can’t find it.

To be more specific I’m trying to find XT-002 Deconstructor spell that he use for heart poping from chest, I tried looking in spell.dbc, but after a lot of combinations of searchs + tests, couldn’t find anything more than what we have in wowhead. So my question is, is there such file in which even if not desribed with comments, some npcs atleast and spell related to them are listed. And I have problem finding general dbc that contain boss/creature/npc information, or such info is not available for us? Or atleast I wonder in spell.dbc which column is for used by npc or no such column exist.

There’s no such thing on dbcs (it would be too easy if there was).

If you know that the spell is being used on trinity, you can always search in the XT file (scripts folder).

Tought so, thanks a lot, and there is none on TC was trying to find to make majour part work, maybe last option is to test all spells that are suspicious, but need a lot of time for this.

maybe spellwork would help?

What is spellwork, sorry for the question if too nabbish?

It can be used to search spells by any of their attributes (name, spellattributes, effects, etc)

you will need 335 dbc files

Ah, great, thx a lot.