Is the current spell system updated?

Hi guys, I´m computer scientist, I started studying trinity core 2 days ago, I want to develop, and fix a lot of things, specially spells, auras, and all the pvp system in general. I was looking for Ice Form, Glacial Spike, etc, at spell_mage.cpp, and I didn´t see any of those new mage spell in WoW Legion ,so I´m wondering if the current spell scripts are updated to Legion or I have to update it. Hope some of you guys can help me, thanks for reading

Most spells do not need special purpose code for them in script .cpp files, however most of the new ones who need special scripts were not scripted yet.

You can use to get info about the spells (if it has SPELL_EFFECT_DUMMY or SPELL_AURA_DUMMY it usually needs a script).

hey @Nay

i cant open this app in win8.1 64bit Stopped working any solution?

Compile with Visual Studio.

hi again @Nay

i compiled with vs 2015(release, debug) anycore, x64

and still stopped working + i have NetFrameWork 4.6.2