Is there others expansion than the last one (for now Legion) and WOTLK on TC?


I wanted to know if there is others core for the others expansion on TrinityCore? (like vanilla/BC/Cataclysm/MoP/WoD)


PS : I found that one but when I use CMAKE on it I got an error

Only 7x and 3.3.5a (not sure how long 3.3.5a will be supported)
That link for 4.3.4 (at least i don’t think) is not officially supported by the TC community, just a branch from TC.

No vanilla, TBC, mop, or WoD.

works for me ™

I download as a zip and extract it in a folder, and get this


clone it instead download, also, don’t put it inside a directory with spaces, also, the real error is hidden on the scroll of the log field.

Ok I deleted ZeroMQ and reinstalled it, rebooted and now it work, thanks!

I’m gonna try this 4.3.4 :smiley:

Hello I just got a little bug, when I run it I stay on connecting forever, I don’t know if I can ask it on the topic Stuck at connected / infinite loop / login issues / because of the fact it’s the 4.3.4, I send you the picture of the program I launch (I tried to launch with authserver and bnet, and only authserver and only bnet too)

Also 2 questions :

1°) is it normal that there is bnet&authserver?

2°) is it normal that my bnet is empty? (all black)


Bnet server for 4.3.4 is not done or working yet but auth server is working of course and for the realmlist in the database for realm looping make sure it is set to your main IP and not localhost or but instead the main IP. Also make sure in the wow directory you have under file the main IP address as well.

I changed and put back and now it work, but what is the use of the bnet server usually of authserver can do it?

Thanks for the help!

iirc bnet “server” came out during Cata or mid expansion to hold ids and other games (not just wow). My memory vaguely serves me correctly.

Anyhow, you are not required to run it for 4.x, it’s a luxury item to have keeping track of friends, etc. during that time. I believe after Cata into MoP (5.x) it was then a requirement. But that is how Blizz currently uses a stronger authentication to the client.

Oh ok thank you!

Btw : where can I found the last DB update? The one on seems to don’t give the world