is this possible?

is it possible to join a bg from another bg with just core mods i got the latest rev and tried to mod this but no success

this is edit in BattleGroundHandler.cpp

// ignore if player is already in BG
if (_player->InBattleground())

to this

// ignore if player is already in BG
    if (_player->InBattleground()&& _player->GetMap()->GetId() != 628)

cough Custom code cough

ohh im sorry wrong section

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This thread is not related to the official Trinity codebase and was moved to the Custom Code section.

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I have tried to do this myself, but came to the conclusion that joining battlegrounds from the battleground window (H) is limited by the client.

Please let me know if you find a fix.

hmm okay it works fine on arcemu so i thing just make ioc not an bg in the core…

You had any luck with this?

Have you even tried playing around with teleporting a player from one BG to another?

Look at what you have

// ignore if player is already in BG
if (_player->InBattleground()&& _player->GetMap()->GetId() != 628)

Than squeeze in a teleporting option. If the BG is not ready, than it will dump them to their respective city.

Iv’e played with it like 4 years ago. Let me see what I can dig up in some old hacks and PM you.