Issue with using modified databases

Hi guys. I’ve just finished setting up my linux Trinitycore binaries on an OVH machine. My next step was to move the (heavily modified) databases from my home computer, as to add all the mobs, items, quests etc that I’ve created on my home machine onto the OVH machine. Prior to this, everything was working fine. After, however, I was unable to start either my auth or world server.

Essentially when I start my worldserver, it says my databases are up to date, and then says 'table auth.account doesn't exist'. I'm not sure what caused this.

As additional information, to transfer my databases I zipped up my world, auth and character DBs from my home computer and then uploaded the zip via FileZilla. Then I uncompressed the file and the auth, character and world folders replaced the existing ones. 

Is there a way I can perhaps reset my databases? And what is the proper way to copy over my existing databases?

Thanks everyone. Sorry if this is in the wrong place.


Thanks, I’ll look into this.

I think I’ve fucked up the databases on my server currently - is there a way to kind of wipe and re-create them? I’ve tried renaming the world, character and auth database (adding ‘_1’), and when I start the world server it asks if I want to create them, but it is unable to populate them. I get the error ‘applying of file (path)/auth_database.sql to database ‘auth’ failed! Could not populate login database, see log for details.’

I checked the Server.log which didn’t have any further info, neither did the DBerrors log or the Auth log. Where should I look for this info?

Sorry if I’m sounding stupid, I’m a little bit out of my depth. Thanks again for helping.

EDIT: Added an image of my worldserver’s output.


Table auth.account already exists - sounds like you imported your DBs wrongly and messed a bunch of things up since the earlier commands are creating a base (read: clean) world and characters DB.

Would be helpful if you explained what process you used to “zip” your DBs up and how you imported them. Doing an SQL dump from the MySQL CLI is always the fastest and cleanest way, but it is not the only way as you should be able to export your DBs from whatever SQL Browser you are using on your home PC.

Either that or you didn’t properly specify the DBs during import and/or messed up the DB names in the .conf file

P/S - this might be of help: