Items keeping old values

Hello. I decided to play WoW again after quite some time. I didn’t feel like spending forever going through the quests I did when I played before, so I created a customized sword that enabled me to mow through the enemies quickly. It has a DPS of 181. My friend saw and I made the mistake of giving him one. Now that we have reached where I was before, I wanted to make us play legit (at least, more legit than that heh). I didn’t want to be a dick and just steal his blade away, so I figured I’d reconfigure it to something a little more sane. I changed the current dmg_min1/dmg_max1 from 69/82 to 9/24. I did .reload all then added the sword and it still had the original stats. Shut down the server and restarted, same thing. I didn’t think it would matter, but just to be thorough I deleted the sword from his inventory, deleted it from mine so it wasn’t in use anywhere then stopped server, restarted, summoned it back and it still has the 69/82 stats.

What’s going on? How can I get it to refresh to the new stats? Thanks!

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Ah, sorry.

Delete your Cache folder