Hello there! http://cache.trinitycore.org/f/public/style_emoticons/default/wink.gif

I’ve redone (more new written) my Jail out of 2008 which was orig. coded for MaNGOS.

It’s now special for Trinity written. Below you’ll find the just created branch for it and an initial patch link.

I’ll not update the patch in the future. For (hopefully not) fixes and news please use the branch, thanks! http://cache.trinitycore.org/f/public/style_emoticons/default/wink.gif

Have fun!

Branch: https://github.com/WarHead/uwom-server/tree/jail/

Patch: https://github.com/WarHead/uwom-server/tree/master/diff

PS: It is witten for / in german but feel free to translate it! http://cache.trinitycore.org/f/public/style_emoticons/default/wink.gif


Because i think not everyone knows my old jail here’s a short description for it:

  • you can jail a character where ever you want (db conf.)

  • the arrested char can move a given distance (db conf.)

  • it is impossible for the char to break free (always instantly ported back)

  • arrested chars can’t die

  • after a specific arrest count (db conf.) you can let the jail delete the char or ban the whole account

. arrest / ban max. length and the max jail count are also within the db conf.

OMG Warhead, you are epic, always used that jail when i was back on mangos, unfortunatly i lost the patch, glad that you are back!!!

when i get back form vacation wich is a few days i will fully test your patch, gonna love this one.

thanks man but i was never away! /emoticons/default_wink.png

ow, well never saw you online on the forums, altough we have spoken some time ago on the old forum in PM about the jail patch. /emoticons/default_tongue.png

@ WarHead

ich habe den Patch bis heute bei uns auf den Server in Einsatz.

ich wusste gar nicht, dass ich so treue anhänger habe - schön zu hören! /emoticons/default_wink.png


kannst du bitte mal ganz kurz beschreiben, um was es bei dem Patch geht?

Ist das sowas wie ein Warden?



da gibt es nicht viel zu erklären: Jail = Gefängnis (für Charaktere). /emoticons/default_wink.png

ehhh even since im from the netherlands my deutsch is not that good guys, can you please keep it english, since im also interested in this patch and prolly others /emoticons/default_tongue.png

Yeah, my suggestion is you post this in the German subforum as well…

i think it’s not needed. because there was not really much talked in german that was related to the patch - only some hellos and a question what the jail is. /emoticons/default_wink.png

it’s simple that what the name says - a jail for characters. /emoticons/default_wink.png

patch updated, even if i won’t do it. /emoticons/default_wink.png but now the jail is full localized too.

Just out of curiosity, what is the difference between this jail, and the one I have been maintaining? I believe the one I am maintaining was the one you wrote for mangos a long time ago, and I updated it to trinity.

Are there features this new one has that my modified one does not? If so, I can trash the modified one and use your modified one. I will compare code, because I have 1 bug where sometimes it will show with .pinfo a player was jailed 123434876234 times. never really bothered me tho since everything else works. Glad to see you working on it once again.

it’s a short answer: anything! /emoticons/default_wink.png the base idea is the same but the source is complete new and much more trinity style. /emoticons/default_wink.png

right. it was my orig. jail for mangos.


a short description added…

patch and link updated…

{OT}is ur server still running warhead ? :] {/OT}

of course. /emoticons/default_wink.png

Very interesting system Warhead, thanks for you efforts on this.

Could you explain how the system works? I mean, the Staff can Jail with an specific command or depending in actions made by the players?

I´m kinda new with that so thanks for your help.

Best regards.

the gm has cmds to jail a player.

but it’s a interesting thing to let the jail autojail players for some kind of violations. /emoticons/default_wink.png i have to think about it… /emoticons/default_wink.png