That would be great.

I´m about to apply to my source, its already translated to english?


this uwom-server/sql/jail/world_command_jail.sql at jail · WarHead/uwom-server · GitHub is the only thing wich should be translated to the needed language. but’s the same with the command table of trinity for german guys. /emoticons/default_wink.png

If i was to get this “patch”, would it overwrite my Antihack???

i found the patch applied it works fine. only the .jail release command aint working /emoticons/default_tongue.png it says the player has never been jailed lol. it does delete the chars information from the db, but he is still jailed.

the latest version of the patch you can always find through the link within the first post…

aaahh… sorry… i saw the fault… the links were cutted last time i had update it… now they should work again… sorry…

can you look why the .jail release aint working properly?

i haven’t noticed such behavior until now but perhaps next we i found time to test it…

someone else can confirm it?

If someone writes .jail arest 1 NAME REASON, then when the player writes .jail info it says “your free like a bird /emoticons/default_wink.png” even tho you just got jailed

It’s true, the .jail release command ain’t working. If you could fix this that would be wonderful.

“don’t work” or “it’s bugy” says nothing. what do you do (step by step) and what is the exact result / bug? i’ve to reproduce it to fix something…

will test it…

okay… there goes something wrong with the jail arrest cmd. will look into the source as soon as possible… the char will be jailed but the data are not “saved”…

probably DB structure changes, when you do the command, do you get an error in the console? (If so, WTF didn’t you include it to begin with? it might have been fixed by now!)

should be fixed now (arrest and release of online players) but it’s untested. jail branch and patch are updated…

There is a problem!

When you type the command to arrest some player the server crashes, please give any suggestion where can be the problem and how to fix it.


not seen until now… debug log!? can someone confirm? without debug log i can’t find / do something… the jail works since last fix as intendet without any crash on my realm.

okay… no one can confirm this issue / no debug log → i have to consider it’s done.

Dear Warhead - From your prison might escape by using cheats?

everyone can “cheat” away but they will be instantly ported back.

I had been keeping this patch up-to-date for a long time. Did not notice it was being rewritten. I currently have no problem with release, and Warhead is right (of course, since he wrote it) it ports you back instantly, if you cheat teleport, hearthstone, etc. really pisses off cheaters…

Wish I had the time to combine it with anticheat\warden system, so instead of banning, it jails for an hour, and lets the entire realm know they got caught cheating

great script. Gonna have to see what changes you have done, compared to the ones I have done… I am guessing yours are better /emoticons/default_tongue.png

perhaps. i don’t know. /emoticons/default_wink.png but i was thinking about it to combine it with one of the anticheat patches too. /emoticons/default_wink.png but i’m too have not much time for things like this atm… :frowning:

Leak has a great warden system. I use it. Was thinking about combining the 2, but it won’t be easy… course, I also want to change up telenpc2 (still the best teleporter script out there imo) to give an option on all gossip npc’s instead of a specific one (enable\disable in config, of course)

This jail script has been around awhile, and I love sitting in the jail area after jailing someone, and watch them teleport, or run or hack their way out, and come right back. Have not found anything that can break a person out of jail. flawless…