Jdataeditor 1.0 - A Cross-Platform, Cross-Emulator Editor For Your Server

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[LEFT]jDataEditor is a cross-platform database editor for all common emulators with unique features which makes your daily database live much better.

More information and a

where you see all the features in action you will find on our homepage.

Account Editor

Npc Editor

Query executer

Special technique to only change needed data



Data Selector for each kind of field

Multi-core support (ArcEmu, Trinity, Mangos, ArcEmu etc…)

Click to load system


Fast SQLTable

SearchTables for database

History - to keep track of all sql querys

Many tooltips

Many look and feels

Easy to use GUI


and much much more…

Important notice for all Windows user:

32, 64bit depends on the installed Java Runtime Environment. If you have a 64bit JRE installed you also have to download the 64bit version

Download (and more information):



This just freezes up for me. Win7 x64 (yes I DL’ed the x64 version lol).

Does it support remote MySQL servers? I run my MySQL across my LAN and put in my server details but the screen froze on attempting to test connection and never populated the pulldown menus on the main screen.

Mostly the reason why it “freezes” is because its doing some sql work, is it possible that the connection to the server is very slow ? Does it work with other database tools like navicat or sqlyog ?

Also can you upload the output.log to pastebin so I can see whats wrong.

I’m not sure what work it would be doing without even selecting a table or database to use (as the pulldowns for those were empty). The server is fine. It’s within my gigabit LAN and has never had other issues. I do most work via SSH to it instead of apps but do like to play with GUI tools and wanted to give this one a spin. I’ve tried other normal MySQL Win GUI tools before and none of those ever had issues.

I’m at work now but I’ll try to remember and post up the log for you after I get home.

Hey, so I’m home and tossed Wireshark up and saw my MySQL server throwing a 1045 error – forgot to auth my Laptop as a login location for the user account I was trying, oops! However, your program just told me it “tried 3 times and failed” – so it might be useful to pass along any specific MySQL error #s instead /emoticons/default_smile.png

It’s working now and looks pretty neat so far, good job! I’ll try to play with it more later this week when work isn’t so busy. I also was unable to find logs anyplace? I noticed the ini file it shipped with pointed to a C:Program Filesfseek… path but that path did not create on my system. No files have created outside the directory I extracted it into. I just ran the JAR file directly and not anything else.

Oh, right, I forgot to change the ini file, thanks for the report ! I will fix that /emoticons/default_smile.png

Any chance you can add read only support - what I have in mind is an option to display the SQL code without changing anything in the DB like in Truice/Quice. And as extension the possibility to work with users having read-only rights.

Another good option would be the choice weather the program should use REPLACE, UPDATE or DELETE/INSERT when generating the SQL code.

P.S. Is the model viewer a standalone code that can be used offline or it needs internet connection?

  1. That sounds like a good idea, I will implement that in the next version

  2. What do you mean exactly ? Atm. it uses UPDATE statements when you replace a npc and INSERT if you insert a npc.

  3. Yeah the modelviewer is standalone, just click “close” in the connection dialog, then you get to the main program. In the main program click on the menu tools → modelviewer.

I meant the option to get a DELETE/INSERT code when updating an NPC or even without changing a thing. This way we can easily get the whole code once all changes are done and tested for the issue tracker here.

Sometimes I forget exactly what I changed and the easiest way for me is to compare the final code with the one from TDB in order to build an UPDATE code.

P.S. Maybe an option in the menu or a button in the interface will be an better option?

Oh okey so you sometimes dont want that the query is created only with the values which are changed, you want the complete insert statement even if the creature exists already ?

But if you uncehck the “replace” checkbox you get the complete Insert statement and not the UPDATE Statement.

Version 1.0.1 released:

Added offline mode - so you get all sql queries without connecting to a specific database (click cancel on the connection dialog)

Fixed language selection issue

I updated the downloads on the homepage:


have a hoverheight?