Just curious, why purposely break something?

I was looking through the changelog and this caught my eye:


  • DB/Script: more conversions THIS UNSUPPORTS THE BLACKROCK DUNGEON untill a fix is found for SAI issues

I understand you want to switch everything to SAI but I don’t understand taking something that works and breaking it just for the sake of conversion. Wouldn’t it be better to leave things unconverted until they can be done without breaking them?


Yes I saw the comment that says “not all doors work, this is a known issue” but again, why not leave them alone and fix the SAI problem first?

Easy, to force core devs to fix the bug /emoticons/default_tongue.png (already fixed btw) /emoticons/default_smile.png

If he can’t do the conversion without breaking something, then he should let someone else do that one.

I didn’t like this comment.

Agreed that regressions are bad. However, the bug with the doors & SAI was quickly fixed some time later (fixing a lot more than just what that commit broke).

I’m glad the SAI issues were fixed I just thought it was an odd decision. There’s always an off chance that the issue could’ve been harder to fix.