Keira2: the TrinityCore Database Web Editor (cross-platform)

This software is a Database Editor web application for the TrinityCore MMORPG framework built with AngularJS and using the TrinityCore JSON RESTful API to retrieve database data.

Keira2 allows the user to edit the database via GUI and generates automatically the SQL code for him/her. It is inspired by the old Quice/Truice database editor, originally developed by indomit, and by the Discover-'s SAI Editor.

Using Keira2, you can edit SmartAI, Quests, Creatures, Spawns, Loots, GameObjects, Items, Characters, etc…

Also you can change the GUI style choosing a different graphic theme using the theme-switcher button. There are several themes, light and dark ones.


Live demo

A live demo is available here. You can use it for production but be aware that its database may not be updated to the latest version.

Also you can help us by testing the development version without installing it, simply using our development live demo. Remember to clear your browser cache before testing it and report any bug or suggestion.


Keira2 fetches data from an istance of the TrinityCore JSON API, it can be installed either on the same machine or on an external one.

You can install an istance of the TrinityCore JSON API using this guide.

Once you have installed the API, download the latest release of Keira2 and extract the Keira2 folder and place is inside your web server directory (e.g. /var/www/).

Then open the Keira2 folder and copy the file config.js.dist to config.js, open it and set it properly with the path of the API:

app.api = “…/TC-JSON-API/public/index.php/”;

replace "../TC-JSON-API/public/index.php/" with the path of your API istance.

If you have the TrinityCore JSON API on an external machine, you should set it like:

app.api = “”;


[ul][li]You can help us even without installing your own Keira2 instance by testing our development live demo.[/li]
[li]Report any bug or suggestions by opening a new issue.[/li]
[li]Check our documentation to understand how the source is structured.[/li]

Keira2 is open-sourced software licensed under the GNU AGPL license.

Future plans:

  • Authentication end query execution

  • … post your ideas!

More Screenshots:

UPDATE: Released Keira 2.1.0


[li]Implemented SmartAI Editor (inspired and partially based on Discover-'s SAI Editor)[/li][li]Improved & rewritten most Modals[/li]
[li]Improved Query Builder[/li]
[li]Improved SQL output display[/li]
[li]Fixed all numeric conversion issues of values[/li][li]Minor View improvements[/li][li]Several global improvements[/li][/ul]

[li]Requires TrinityCore JSON API v0.4 or newer[/li][li]This is a major release, any additional minor changes will be released on next 2.1.x versions[/li][li]A lot of features already work for 6.x game version, we plan to full support it on 2.2.x release[/li][/ul]

I want to thank Discover- for having assisted me in converting his SAI Editor to the web, by answering all my questions, and all guys of the TrinityCore community who helped me by testing Keira2 and reporting bugs/suggestions.

Alternative Download:

Live demo:

[SIZE=14px]Please report ANY bug or suggestion here.[/SIZE]

UPDATE: Released Keira 2.1.1


[ul][li] Fixed several minor bugs[/li][li] Implemented new modals[/li][li] Implemented automated check for newer version[/li][/ul]

[ul][li]Requires TrinityCore JSON API v0.4 or newer[/li][li]This is a minor release[/li][/ul]

Alternative Download:

Live demo:

[SIZE=14px]Please report ANY bug or suggestion here.[/SIZE]

Due to some recent changes to the TrinityCore world database structure, the latest Keira2 release (2.1.1) doesn’t fit with latest 3.3.5 TrinityCore.

However, I already updated Keira2 source code to fit with it, so you if you get latest sources version (by cloning both Keira2 and the API from github), you can use Keira2 with latest TrinityCore revision.

Once we ensure that there is nothing broken, we will publish the next release 2.1.2, which will include those changes.

This update pushes Keira2 a step forward the 6.x support, because it makes 3.3.5a database structure a bit more similar to the 6.x one. However, it does not mean the next release will fully support the 6.x game version yet.



Next release will be published soon. Meanwhile you can help us by testing it here and tell us if there is something bugged.

UPDATE: Released Keira 2.1.2


[ul][li][SIZE=14px]Implemented Quest Items tabs for Creature and Gameobject editors[/SIZE][/li]
[li][SIZE=14px]Implemented quest_template_addon table editing[/SIZE][/li]
[li][SIZE=14px]Improved several modals[/SIZE][/li]
[li][SIZE=14px]Improved Gameobject Editor[/SIZE][/li]
[li][SIZE=14px]All table rows are now selectable by click[/SIZE][/li]
[li][SIZE=14px]Improved SAI Editor view for ultra-wide screens[/SIZE][/li]
[li][SIZE=14px]Several minor improvements[/SIZE][/li]
[li][SIZE=14px]Fit with latest TrinityCore DB structure changes[/SIZE][/li]

[ul][li][SIZE=14px]Requires TrinityCore JSON API v0.5 or newer[/SIZE][/li]
[li][SIZE=14px]Latest TDB structure changes made 3.3.5 database similar to 6.x one[/SIZE][/li]


Alternative Download:

Live demo:

Please report ANY bug or suggestion here.

Testing and so far so good on IIS 8. Really appreciate your work.

Live demo database updated to TDB 335.59



Although Keira2 does not fully support 6.x yet, several things already work for 6.x and some people are already using Keira2 for 6.x.

This could be useful for those who are already using Keira2 to work with 6.x/4.3.4 stuff:

If you are working with the Keira2 SmartAI Editor and you need to work with some spells introduced in 4.3.4, just temporarily edit this line of code in your TC-JSON-API instance:

and replace:

$results = DB::connection(‘sqlite’)->select(“SELECT * FROM spells_wotlk WHERE ID = ?”, [$id]);with:

$results = DB::connection(‘sqlite’)->select(“SELECT * FROM spells_cata WHERE ID = ?”, [$id]);in /app/Http/routes.php file.

Hey guys,

I wanted to test Keira2 and installed/configured the TC-JSON-API.

But when I go to TC-JSON-API/public/index.php I get a white page and no log file is created.

Keira2 says it cannot find the API :confused:

.env is correct

ist’s a windows server, I tried these to for the Keira config.js:

app.api = “…\TC-JSON-API\public\index.php/”;

app.api = “…/TC-JSON-API/public/index.php/”;

any suggestions?

greetings Yaga


[COLOR= rgb(82, 82, 82)]But when I go to TC-JSON-API/public/index.php I get a white page and no log file is created.

[COLOR= rgb(82, 82, 82)]If you get white page there, your API is not working so you can’t use Keira2 before fixing it.

[COLOR= rgb(82, 82, 82)]If you are sure that there is no log in /TC-JSON-API/storage/logs then probably you have to grant the permissions to the directory TC-JSON-API and all its files and subdirectories.

Just try setting 777 to all files and subfolders of the TC-JSON-API, if it works then you will probably want to set all permissions in a proper way.

tried to set it to 777 no log is created :confused:

edit: forgot to set the rights recursively… my fault, got it to work properly, thanks!

​You’re welcome, I’m glad you wanted to test it. Any kind of feedback is always welcome =)


First, thanks you for this amazing work!

Is there any solution to add an authentification to API, http auth for example? Because I think it’s not very safe to let free access to api, because anyone can have access to all your datas.



Is there any solution to add an authentification to API, http auth for example?

We will work on the authentification for the API in future, now we are working on a new version to support 6.x

how to use it on 6.X ?

You can test the 6.x versionof Keira here:
You can use the follow button to switch the version of Keira
…but you should remind that the database remains 6.02, so if you switch to 3.3.5 probably, you will find problems of incompatibility

Also majority of things should be already working for 6.x using the latest stable release (3.3.5 branch). The development live version that Helias has linked is the one we are using to testing 6.x version of Keira2 in order to fix all bugs.


Due to latest changes to the 3.3.5 database structure, the Keira2 Quest Editor of latest release is now broken. However, we have already fixed it so if you need to use the Quest Editor please use latest source of Keira2 from the github repo, but please be aware that new features will be incomplete/unstable until the next Keira2 release then don’t rely on them.

Meanwhile, we are working to release a 6.x-and-3.3.5a compatible database editor: