knownTitles Tool


several month ago i had the problem that i wanted to remove all the gladiator titles (and a few other) from a bunch of characters. (~ 15.000)

So i created a little tool to do this in a comfortable way. I had no access to the characters database - so the tool has to work offline with a *.txt or clipboard import function.
I thought someone else could use it to do the same - so heres the link to the source code and a pre-compiled *.exe.

Project Name: knownTitles

Pre-Compiled Download:

[li] | knownTitles.exe | Version: 0.4.0 (Beta)[/li][/ul]

[li] | OpenSource[/li][/ul]
Preview Image:

Please read the How-to-use part of the readme for further informations.

Hotkeys for the titles: (Only for GroupBox: “Which titles(s) would you like to remove/add?”)

[li][sTRG / CTRL] + S = Set / Check selected titles[/li][li][sTRG / CTRL] + U = Uncheck selected titles[/li][li][sTRG / CTRL] + R = Reset all titles[/li][li][sTRG / CTRL] + F = Search in all titles[/li][/ul]
Logfile / SQL Update Querys:

Make sure that “Generate and save a SQL Update Query” is checked in the settings - otherwise no update querys are generated.


Make sure that “Generate and save a Logfile” is checked, if you would like to get a logfile with all titles of each character and some other informations.


Greetings, FireEmerald

Thx for your time and tool.
I tried your tools but I get “entry error” while I pressed remove or search button (see attached).
What is wrong? Can you help me?

[B]@rohlajz[/B] Take a look at the attached image - you need to remove these lines from the textbox - they contain only some information and must be removed.