LAN Access

Hi, firstly sorry for my english level.

I have a problem, i don’t understand.

I have create a trinity server 6.X (IP, working fine, I can play on this computer. Thanks for that great job, i have pleasure to play.

I would like share this pleasure with my brother, but i can’t launch Wow on the second computer (

The SQL database is available from the second computer, i have modified the, no works.

I have copied the file, trinity…\buid\release, modified next info un worldserver and btnetserver :

LoginDatabaseInfo = “;3306;trinity;trinity;auth” [COLOR=rgb(0,0,0)]worldserver.conf / authserver.conf (bnetserver.conf for 6.x)
WorldDatabaseInfo = “;3306;trinity;trinity;world” [COLOR=rgb(0,0,0)]worldserver.conf
CharacterDatabaseInfo = “;3306;trinity;trinity;characters” [COLOR=rgb(0,0,0)]worldserver.conf

	I have created the wow.exe wrapped, doesn't work.

Can you help me please.

I don’t understand how connect a client computer on my server (need wordserver ? just btnet ?)


You don’t need to change that data, you need to change auth database data.

Hi, thanks to your fast answer.

I’m sorry but i don’t know, can you explain your comm please.

On my serveur ( I don’t modifiy

LoginDatabaseInfo = “;3306;trinity;trinity;auth”
WorldDatabaseInfo = " ;3306;trinity;trinity;world"
CharacterDatabaseInfo = " ;3306;trinity;trinity;characters"
HotfixDatabaseInfo = " ;3306;trinity;trinity;hotfixes"


LoginDatabaseInfo = “;3306;trinity;trinity;auth”

On my computer (windows), I copy the same file .conf ? I need launch Worldserver et btnetserveur on the server ? on the computer ? both ?

I need change parameters in My SQL Database ?

Thanks and good day.

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