Land mounts cast time

Hi all, i would love to make the summon of normal land mounts faster or instant on my server, i would love to see these mounts used more, usually players use only flying mount from Outland to end game. All mounts have 1,5 seconds cast, i would love to lower to 0,5 seconds the normale land lands so users can prefer them in some situation, like little movement from quest giver to quest zone ect…

Do you have any idea who to query that in the DB? It would love to have such an option in game code too imho but maybe it is just my opinion.

No one? Any idea? Thanks!

Give everyone a Halloween broom, those have an instant cast time. ಠ_ಠ

Nah, i want normal mounts to have more use, with an inferior cast time than flying mounts they should be used more. Is there something in the database which highlight land mounts? So i can select all record with a query.

I figured out how to do it and it is pretty simple.

How to modify the cast time of land mounts:

  • Download MyDBCEditor and open Spell.dbc
    • Search for a mount of your choice e.g. ‘Swift Zulian Tiger’ and check out what is written in column 29. It should say ‘16’ if I remember correctly. Column 29 is the id of the row in dbc-file ‘SpellCastTimes.dbc’.
    • Open up SpellCastTimes.dbc and browse to row ‘16’. It should say ‘1500’ in column 2 (column 1 is the id). Now search for another row that has ‘500’ inside and replace the ‘16’ in Spell.dbc with the id of the ‘500’ from the SpellCastTimes.dbc
    • Go to your WoW directory and create a new folder in /data//patch--<number between 1 to 9 or A to Z I think, which is of course not taken yet>.MPQ
    • Create a new folder inside this one called ‘DBFilesClient’ and place the modified Spell.dbc (or SpellCastTimes.dbc) inside
      (- You can of course also just create a new .MPQ file and don’t use this folder ‘trick’; this should just be used for quick try-outs)
    • Go to the data directory and replace the Spell.dbc (or SpellCastTimes.dbc) with the original one
    • Boot up everything and voila, mounting up now just takes 0.5s :slight_smile:

Now you have only changed the up-mount speed of one particular mount. To make it work for every mount, simply edit the value in SpellCastTimes from 1500 to any other value as all mounts are using column 16 of SpellCastTimes.dbc.

Trying very soon, thanks so much! I will let you know! It is more complex than i tough, i was thinking it only required DB work but indeed client must be modified.